Thomas Horn
Venture Beneath the Canopy

Female Green Hermit

The Perch

At a hummingbird feeding station in Costa Rica's Monteverdi Cloud Forest Reserve, I saw hundreds of hummingbirds feeding, fighting, and flying around. Park officials estimate 2,000 birds visit daily. One bird, a green hermit, stood out from the others. Its long forked tail and extra-long curved bill added to the exoticness. I watched it fly in, feed, and then go quietly to the forest. I discovered this bird had a perch at the forest's edge among small orchids on a moss-covered tree stump. In this secluded place, the green hermit would clean itself, fluff up its feathers, and stretch before returning to the feeders. Watching this back and forth inspired the sculpture.

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15.5" x 7" x 9"